Sign the Petition Online

Sign the Online Petition

Contact your Elected Officials

Fax and Email your elected officials to support legislation to stop the Airspace Redesign and wait until the lawsuits are settled. Tell them you support initiatives by Our Airspace, NJCAAN and the AfSAP. Scroll down to copy sample emails.

Track Flights

Track noisy flights over your home to help your community build a realistic noise contour and record actual flyover. Download Instructions and Upload data

Write a letter to the Editor

Tell them why this issue is important to you. Ask your local elected officials to pass a resolution against implementation and see what they are doing to protect your community from aircraft noise and jet engine emissions.

Lodge Official Noise Complaints

When you hear loud and low flying aircraft over your home, track the flight, get as much information as you can and then call and lodge an official complain, always CCing contact@ourairspace.org. Download NYC area Noise Hotlines or go to Boeing Noise Hotlines and airport noise mitigation contact information across the World



I am writing to urge you to stop implementation of the NorthEast Airspace Redesign.

My family and I will suffer from the Airspace Redesign's massive increase in noise and air pollution.

We are shocked and disappointed that the FAA is implementing this project without ever contacting our community about it, never studying how this will impact my family, and then refusing to lessen the impacts in any way.

This is a very serious matter. My family and I purchased our home far away from airports so that we could enjoy the fresh air and quiet. To permit the FAA to arbitrarily change the flight paths without conducting studies and informing my community is totally inexcusable, and it is illegal.

Now I fear for the safety of my family. The World Health Organization just published a landmark study on aviation noise. Aviation noise causes high blood pressure, heart disease and can lead to heart attack. My children will also suffer from learning disabilities and we will have trouble sleeping which impacts my work productivity.

The Airspace Redesign also makes the airplanes fly lower to the ground. Asthma, Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer and heart disease will result from breathing in the emissions from jet engine exhaust. And yet the FAA never even bothered to study how this will impact my family, my town, my neighbors. These all have quantifable imacts and they are directly related to the FAA's Airspace redesignThe FAA and the airlines don't seem to take these health risks seriously. Please do you best to change this.

I respectfully urge you to stop implementation of the project and make the FAA conduct a valid impact study. Then find ways to lessen the impacts before a public health disaster results.


Airline Pilots Association
Brandywine Hundred, Delaware
Connecticut State Department of Transportation
Connecticut State Historic Preservation Officer
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Delaware State Historic Preservation Officer
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Eastern Region Helicopter Council
Environmental Protection Agency Regions 1, 2, and 3
Manhattan Borough President, Manhattan Borough President’s Helicopter Task Force
Metropolitan New York Aircraft Noise Mitigation Committee (Governor’s Group of Nine)
Mid-Atlantic Federal Partners for the Environment
NBAA Users Forum
New England Airspace/Range Council
New Jersey Coalition Against Aircraft Noise
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
New Jersey Department of Transportation
New Jersey State Commerce Department
New Jersey State Historic Preservation Officer
New York Department of Transportation
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
New York State Historic Preservation Officer
Newark International Airport Aircraft Advisory Committee
New Jersey Acting Governor and Director of Aeronautics
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Officer
Philadelphia Airport Authority
Port Authority of New York/New Jersey
Queens Borough President’s Aviation Advisory Committee
State Aviation Directors
Town and Village Aviation Safety/Noise Abatement Committee
Transportation Research Board
US Department of Homeland Security
US Department of Interior, National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service